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Fischer Spindle Repair


Fischer Spindle Repair

Fischer Spindle is based out of Switzerland and carries on the tradition of precision and quality the region is known for. All Fischer spindles that are rebuilt by Northland Tool & Electronics are treated with the same respect they were manufactured with. Over our many years in the spindle business we have had a relationship with Fischer spindle that has enabled us to stay current with their technology and provide you with a repair that meets and exceeds your expectations. Northland Tool & Electronics offers a cost effective and quick alternative for Fischer spindle rebuilds in North America.

Common Problems with Fischer Spindles

  • Bearing failure (very common)
  • Contamination
  • Housings out of ISO
  • Fretting housing
  • Journal out of ISO
  • Pilot out of ISO
  • Crashed spindle

Fischer Models We Commonly Repair

  • AF
  • FAV
  • FIV
  • HEN
  • HJN
  • M32/34
  • M34
  • MF
  • MFL
  • MFM
  • MFN
  • MFV
  • MFW
  • SC
  • SPL
  • UJ