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Mori Seiki Spindle Repair


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Mori Seiki Spindle Repair

Mori Seiki has been a mainstay in the machine tool world since 1948. They are known for quality and reliability. Mori Seiki spindles share the same qualities as the Mori Seiki machine. Mori Seiki spindles are built with longevity and quality in mind. Mori Seiki invests heavily in updating their spindle designs and provides it’s customers with one of the best machine tool spindles on the market today.

Northland Tool & Electronics repairs most every type of Mori Seiki spindle including Mori Seiki turning center spindles, Mori Seiki vertical machining center spindles, Mori Seiki multi axis turning center spindles, Mori Seiki horizontal machining center spindles and Mori Seiki CNC Lathe spindles.

Common Problems With Mori Seiki Spindles

Here are just a few of the actual failures we have found in Mori Seiki spindles. Mori Seiki spindles are very well built from the OEM and usually last for extended periods of time but eventually they wear out from use.

Some Mori Seiki spindles are made with specialty bearings that are designed to allow better lubrication flow to the raceways. Many independent spindle rebuilders modify the lubrication delivery system to allow them to use cheaper bearings. Northland Tool & Electronics only uses bearings that have the same design and quality characteristics as the OEM originals.

Northland Tool & Electronics is capable of repairing most every Mori Seiki spindle made including damaged ceramic tapers, damaged drive dogs, crashed spindles, electrical issues and most every cause of failure that may happen.

When sending in your Mori Seiki spindle for repair please include all of the rotating parts including the drawbar system. We like to balance everything as an assembly and make sure the drawbar system is functioning properly and has the correct tool holding force.

Heavy taper damage, spindle was crashed.

Front journal damaged when spindle crashed.

Drive dogs are damaged.

Bearings are worn.

Drawbar, lube fittings and coolant nozzles missing.

Taper has 8 microns run out and is bell mouthed.

Contaminated front bearings.

Housing is oversized by double ISO.

Taper has 6 microns run out.

Front and rear bearing failure from coolant contamination.

Bearings and housing are internally rusted.

Front and rear covers are damaged.

The bearings appear to have had catastrophic failure.

Outer bearing spacers have been modified.

Front journal has a cut mark from someone cutting off the inner bearing races.

Rear roller nut loosened allowing the rear roller to lose preload.

This caused shim material from the bearing spacer to fall into the front bearings so they failed also.

The rear nut was missing its locking set screws, this allowed the rear nut to loosen.

The coupling journal and rear roller journal are out of ISO.

Taper has run out.

Drive coupling ID is out of ISO.

Catastrophic failure of the #1 bearing causing damage to the labyrinth ring

Came in missing drawbar, rear bearing nut, taper coolant nozzels and holder.

Inner race of the front bearing race is cracked and cages are missing.

Gripper fingers are worn.

Taper is damaged.

Bellevilles are worn.

Drive dogs are damaged.

Rear housing is oversized.

Damaged front cover.

Oil drains were clogged.

Bearings are worn

Shaft taper is damaged

Drive coupling is worn

Coupling band on the shaft are fretted and worn.

Drawbar force is low

Mori Seiki Models We Commonly Repair

  • CL 253B
  • MSX-803
  • NL2500SMC-700
  • SL2500
  • MH-40
  • MV45
  • SH50
  • SL-8F
  • CL-153
  • MSX-850
  • NMV5000 DCG
  • SL-250BSMC
  • MH-400
  • MV45-40
  • SH-50
  • SV-500
  • CL200
  • MSX-850BM
  • NN1000
  • SL253BMC
  • MH50
  • MV5000
  • SH500
  • TL 5
  • CL-200B/500
  • MT 253
  • NT-3150
  • SL-25B
  • MH63
  • MV-55
  • SH500/40
  • TL 500
  • CL-203B
  • MT 253S/1000
  • NT3150 SZ
  • SL-25MC
  • MH630
  • MV-65
  • SH-503/50
  • TL5
  • CL-20A
  • MT 4000S/4000
  • NT4200
  • SL-2H
  • MH-633
  • MV65/40
  • SH-63
  • TV30
  • CL25A
  • MT1500SZ
  • NT4250 SZ
  • SL303A/1500
  • MH-80
  • MV65B/50
  • SH630
  • TV-30
  • Dura Turn 2050
  • mt-2000
  • NT4300
  • SL-303AMC/700
  • MR1500
  • MV-65B/50
  • SL 5A
  • TV-40
  • Duracenter
  • MT20001ASZ
  • NT5400 / 1800SZ
  • SL35/B1500
  • MS1250
  • MV-80
  • SL 603C
  • TV-400
  • Duraturn 2050MC
  • MT-2000A1SZ
  • NT6600 DCG
  • SL35B
  • MS-1250G
  • MV-80C
  • SL 65MC
  • VM40
  • GV-500
  • MT2000S
  • NTX1000
  • SL3H
  • MS850 G
  • MV-JR
  • SL-15
  • ZL-15
  • GV-503
  • MT-2000S
  • NV5000
  • SL4
  • MS-850G
  • NH 6300
  • SL-150
  • ZL15S
  • HG400
  • MT-2002SZ
  • NV5000/b
  • SL6
  • MSC501
  • NH10000DCG
  • SL150SMC
  • ZL-15S
  • L100H
  • mt2500
  • NV7000
  • SL-65
  • MSC-502MA
  • NH4000
  • SL-150SMC
  • ZL-200
  • L-100H
  • MT-2500
  • NVD 5000
  • SL65B
  • MSC-518
  • NH5000
  • SL-153YMC
  • ZL-200S
  • M300
  • MT2500SZ/1500
  • NVL1350T
  • SL6A
  • MSC603
  • NH5000/40 DCG
  • SL154
  • Zl-200smc
  • M300A1
  • MV JR
  • SH-3H
  • SL6B
  • MSG-501
  • NH5000DCG
  • SL-154SY
  • ZL25
  • M300L2
  • MV40B
  • SH40
  • SL6-B
  • MSG-805
  • NH-6300
  • SL-200SMC
  • ZL-25
  • MH-3000
  • MV-40E
  • SH400
  • SL-75B
  • ZT1000Y
  • NL 2500
  • SL-204 SMC
  • ZL25B/500